Noelaní Leave In Conditioner

Noelaní Leave In Conditioner

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Noelani, which means "Dews from the heavens", is what Hawaiians call coconut water. The benefits of coconut water are endless including addressing the issue of hair loss by improving blood circulation in the scalp, enhancing the density of hair, strengthening the hair follicles, and preventing it from breakage. It has anti-fungal/bacterial properties, which prevent itchy scalp, dandruff, and other infections that hinder hair growth.

Doctor’s Orders:

Spray on hair to restore moisture to her hair strands. Can be used daily as a refresher on dry hair or on wet hair to provide extra moisture and protection for each strand on wash day. Made with a special blend of oils to provide health, moisture, and shine to your hair. Also great for creating soft hair for easy detangling.


Coconut Water, Aloe vera Juice, Distilled Water, Silk Amino Acid, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Liquid Germall, Grapeseed Oil, Coily's Essential Oil Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
April Enard
Great product

Great hydration with no build-up on my hair. Packaging was elite and impressive. I love it


Best when used on wet hair


I have children of mixed race - 3/4 Black and 1/4 White (ish) and we have hair types from very fine and wavy to extremely tight ringlet curls. Neolani helps me detangle all of them with ease and they help keep their curls beautiful for days after the use. We LOVE it. (We have used allllll the products trying to find what works over the last 12 years and my kids ask me to get Neolani now.)

Shadana Carson
Amazing ⭐

I love this STUFF!! I spray the conditioner daily in the morning and my hair looks so supple, shiny, and healthy. I don't have to use much at all. It seems to cut down on the build up from my other products I use along with it as well. I definitely will be ordering more.

Glorimar Nazario
Game changer

Noenalí leave in conditioner has changed our routine. It takes me now less than 10 minutes to detangle my kid’s almost waist long (when wet) 3c/4a curl. Perfect to morning touch ups also.