I’m the wife of one and mother of two. I’m the introvert that wants to be invited to everything so I can say no…but I still want to be included. Now the flip side is, no one that’s really close to me will say that I’m an introvert because I’m a complete extrovert when I’m in a comfy space. If I invite you into my circle, I open all the way up. I love to talk to people, but not small talk. I hate small talk, I like meaningful conversations. Conversations that stimulate your mind…or sometimes they are mindless but have you laughing to tears. Small talk kinda annoys me because I feel it’s very superficial and something just to fill the air. I’m okay with quietness.

In my spare time, when not being my children’s personal assistant, I like to listen to music, catch up on reality tv, watch documentaries (Like health, investigative, or Tiger King LOL). I also like to just hang out with family and friends for like a happy hour or crabs in the summer. I love everything about Blue Crabs and can eat them all day.


What began as a desire to create a hair oil that would make my hair stronger and healthier, my journey grew into a passion to help every other woman that struggles with weakness, dryness and breakage. I wanted to formulate an oil that would help in the prevention of breakage due to constant manipulation and heat, but that would also make my hair stronger, while maintaining the thickness.