Doctor Coily Bundle

Doctor Coily Bundle

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**Souffle is in this bundle. Due to the warm temperatures, if the package is left out in the heat for several hours/days, it could melt. This changes the consistency and volume of the product. It is shipped with ice packs but they do melt in the shipping process. Doctor Coily is not responsible for any packages left out for several hours in the heat. Please be mindful of this when ordering**


Yes, you CAN have it all!! Stock up on all five products and have the best right on hand. Get the bundle today at a great bundle discount!


1. Rose Petal Deep Conditioner

2. Hair Elixir

3. Cleansing Butter

4. Noelani Leave in Conditioner

5. Hair and Body Butter Souffle


**Rose Petal Conditioner-This product is made with natural ingredients and contains water. The preservative used to decrease bacteria is also natural as chemical preservatives are damaging to hair and scalp. Because of this, it doesn't have the long shelf life that many mainstream products have so please avoid adding water, hair, and leaving in warm environments after opening. When properly taken care of, shelf life is at least 2 months. Please avoid keeping in warm areas**

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Beautiful presentation. Hair and skin feels moisturized and nourished. Will order again

Chimere Harris
Amazing Butter

Products are simply amazing. Elxir helps with my psoriasis, the leave in conditioner keeps my hair moisturized. Now the body butter only if I can keep it for myself the kids love it. The butter even soothe mosquito bites.

Dr Faye

Doctor Coily Bundle

Onyinye Igbokwe

This gives you everything!!! I love the tingling butter shampoo! It gets my scalp and hair super clean in one round! The conditioner makes it super easy to deranged and the oil mixture is just superb! Had to order more butter cause my bougie kids stole it and we just glistening all over! Plus it smells dooo good! Love love this!


Wonderful!! It (neolani leave in conditioner) worked on my whole family to revive dry hair. Our family spans the gamet of hair types and it’s worked for us all.